The Dirty Dash to Celebrate Five Muddy Years in Utah

The Dirty Dash, a national mud run celebrating its fifth season of muddy mayhem, is back and muddier than ever for the Utah Spring race on June 7, 2014 at Soldier Hollow. Participants will face bubbling mud mines, scale cargo nets, trudge through sludge pits, and ride a giant slip n’ slide all in the name of filthy fun. The Dirty Dash brings out the inner swine in runners.

“People love to play in the mud,” said race organizer Matt Ward. “This is an excuse to act up and have a great time while you’re getting a workout.”


Spectators are in on the fun too. They can pelt oncoming runners with water balloons, the proceeds of which goes to local charity. Kids can also enjoy a condensed version without missing out on any of the fun at the Piglet Plunge, a mini-sized romp in the mud pits and Slop ‘n Slide.

A portion of the proceeds of the race goes to a local charity.

“We’ve been doing this long enough to know that helping a good cause is even more gratifying than mud tan lines,” Ward said.

After the race, those that want to donate their used shoes can leave them behind for people in need. The Dirty Dash will clean them and give them to charity. More than 35,000 pairs of shoes have been donated in the previous four years.

The Dirty Dash is getting people muddy all over the U.S., with new locations being added on the east coast. For more information on this event and to see additional race locations, visit
www.thedirtydash.com or check out what fans have to share on Facebook at www.facebook.com/TheDirtyDash.


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